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What is the best vacuum cleaner on the market today? A simple enough question, with a not so simple answer!

Unfortunately, it isn’t as clearcut to say that such a vacuum is the best choice, firstly there is a wide range of types of vacuum cleaner, then you have to consider the individual’s circumstances. Do they have a specific budget in mind? Do they have pets? Do they have a large 5 bedroom house or a 2 bedroom apartment? Is storage space a concern? Lightweight vs heavyweight, corded vs cordless, bagged vs bagless and much more.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through these important factors below.

What is your budget?

An easy place to start when shopping for any product is your budget, this allows you to quickly reduce the number of products you can consider. It also allows you to see whether or not your wants and needs are realistically reflected in the price range. For example, if you were looking at cordless vacuum cleaners then for a top performing choice you would need £300+, compared to a top performing upright corded vacuum cleaner coming in the region of £200.

Throughout this website, we recommend two products in each guide – the ‘money is no object’ vacuum cleaner and the ‘affordable high performer’ vacuum cleaner.

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What type of vacuum cleaner do you need?

This is the key question in your search for the best vacuum cleaner, this can be determined by understanding what job you are trying to fulfil with the vacuum. Each type of vacuum cleaner has its advantages and disadvantages when tackling various tasks and our job over the upcoming weeks and months is to help you find the best vacuum within each type, both high performance and affordable.

Below we have broken down each type of vacuum cleaner at a very basic level:

Upright vacuum cleaners – These are a fantastic all-purpose choice, which drastically vary in prices and are usually equipped with multiple attachments and accessories.

Cordless/Stick vacuum cleaners – A newcomer to the industry, these are typically lightweight and do a fairly decent job at tackling everyday hoovering.

Handheld vacuum cleaners – These are typically used for spot cleaning and they’re especially useful around children and pets as well as being used in vehicles especially for those nooks and crannies!

Cylinder/Canister vacuum cleaners – Often quite bulky, they can be a pain to manoeuvre but offer relatively good performance and flexibility at an affordable price range.

Robot vacuum cleaners – The ultimate lazy persons tool, the robotic vacuum offers automated cleaning and can be used on hardwood floor and low profile carpets. There is a range of more expensive models which also support high profile carpets.

When trying to decide what type of vacuum cleaner you should be looking for, there are several other factors that may be relevant including:

  • Do you have any pets?
  • Do you have children?
  • Do you have stairs?
  • Is storage space an issue?
  • Do you have carpet, hardwood floors, tiles or a combination?
  • Do you have any experience/favour a particular brand?
  • Is the weight of the product a concern?

These are just a handful of factors that are typically considered when in the market for a vacuum cleaner and we are trying to tackle each and every one of them throughout our website.

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