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Bosch Athlet Review

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Features 8
Battery Life 9
Design & Accessories 8
Performance 8.5
Value 9


8.5 Our Score Overall, the Bosch Athlet is as solid cordless hoover, with the potential to be versatile.

What Is the Bosch Athlet?

Bosch has long been regarded as one of the top companies in consumer appliances. Their brand is synonymous with quality – whether you’re after a washing machine, fridge or of course, a vacuum cleaner. While they have been selling powerful hoovers for years, they now currently offer a number of cordless options for you to consider.

One of their rechargeable models which have sold well is the Bosch Athlet BCH625KTGB vacuum. It’s a cordless, bagless hoover similar in appearance and style to an upright vacuum cleaner. It sits just above the mid-priced entry level on the market and is revered by thousands of happy customers. It’s designed to be used on all floor types and comes with various attachments (including a shoulder strap so you can choose to carry it on your back for some unorthodox cleaning with the supplied hose).

It’s worth noting that there are three other Athlet models from Bosch which you may choose based on your budget and needs. In order of most affordable to the most expensive:

  1. Bosch BCH61840GB Athlet – Up to 40 minutes runtime with no accessories.
  2. Bosch BCH625KTGB Athlet (reviewed model) – Up to 60 minutes runtime with accessory kit.
  3. Bosch BCH6PETGB Athlet Animal  – Up to 60 minutes runtime with accessory kit and designed specifically for homes with pets.
  4. Bosch BCH65MGKGB Athlet – Up to 75 minutes runtime with accessory kit.

We have decided to purchase the Bosch BCH625KTGB Athlet for review as it hasn’t been reviewed extensively, but looks like a solid piece of equipment.


  • Long Run Time – The Bosch Athlet can run up to 60 minutes on one charge which is more than most cordless models.
  • Easy Brush Removal – It’s easy to remove the brush roll for cleaning.
  • Multiple Modes – Contains three power modes for you to choose depending on how dirty your home is.
  • Powerful – The power can be compared to corded hoovers, but at around 72db it’s also one of the quietest.


  • Unbalanced – Although light, most of the weight is above the cleaning head which makes it slightly unbalanced and easy to tip over if you’re not careful.
  • Bin Capacity – The dirt receptacle usually needs to be emptied after each vacuum.
  • Charge Time – Can take up to 6 hours to charge fully.

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Bosch Athlet Key Features

SensorBagless Technology – The Athlet has a sensor that turns from blue to red to warn you when the filter needs to be cleaned. This ensures it always stays working at optimal performance.

Motorized Brush Roll – The motorized brush roll spins at around 5000 rpm and is designed to easily pick up dirt, fibres, and dust from both carpeted and wood flooring. When it gets dirty or tangled with hair, it’s easy to remove for cleaning.

Versatile and Flexible – Can easily be manoeuvred around the house due to the universal joint system in the head which also drops to a horizontal position. The Bosch Athlet BCH625KTGB also comes with various attachments to make cleaning your home and vehicle easier.

Battery Life

The Athlet BCH625KTGB uses advanced lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with a voltage of 25.2. This allows it to deliver 1800 watts of power for up to 60 minutes of continuous use. It takes around 6 hours to charge to 100% once fully depleted which is longer than normal for cordless vacuum cleaners, but the longer run time makes up for this. The runtime drops significantly when using the 2nd and 3rd (turbo) settings, as these are meant to be used for especially dirty areas or deep carpeting.

The Athlet BCH625KTGB has a large blue battery life indicator on the front to let you know just how much usage you have left. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a wall mount or dock but needs to be stood up and plugged into an outlet when charging. The charging indicator flashes while charging, and when fully charged it lights up in blue and no longer flashes.

Design & Accessories

Bosch Athlet Performance

The Bosch Athlet is a little larger than other “stick” hoovers, and as mentioned does resemble more of a classic upright model. Regardless, the design is sleek and modern with a mixture of white and grey colouring, accented with clear plastic windows (for the head and dirt receptacle) and blue LEDs.

It’s very lightweight at 3kg outside of the box, but can’t be used as a simple handheld. To use the accessories you need to remove the motorized head by pressing a plastic clip and lifting the main unit away. Once this is done you can attach the supplied hose. You can then use the included upholstery or crevice nozzles. It also comes with a shoulder strap which allows you to carry the hoover on your back as you clean furniture, the stairs or your vehicle with the attachments. This is something that many owners have had to get used to and find it somewhat of a negative feature, though others don’t mind it at all.

When the dirt receptacle is full, it’s easy to remove from the hoover using the release button. Once removed you will need to also take out the filter unit from the receptacle before emptying the dirt into a bin. It’s also recommended to lightly tap the filter unit while doing this to remove additional debris. If it’s time to clean the filter, you must remove the filter cartridge and foam filter from the unit. The foam filter can be cleaned by running it under water and then leaving it to dry for a day before reassembling.

The build quality of the Athlet is solid, though in some places does leave a lot to be desired. In particular, the handle (although ergonomic) is flimsy and prone to breaking. The batteries have also been known to fail after some time. Bosch will send an engineer to your house to fix it during the two-year warranty, though if anything breaks after this period you’ll have to shell out.

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Size & Dimensions

The Bosch Athlet is a lightweight, cordless vacuum that weighs just 3.3kg, similar to the GTech Airram at 3.5kg.

  • Height – 46 inches
  • Width – 11 inches
  • Weight – 3.3kg


The Athlet best shines when used as an upright around the home. And with its three power modes, it can handle most tasks with ease.

  • Power Setting 1 – This setting doesn’t use the motorized brush and has the longest run time of around 60 minutes. It’s best for hardwood floors.
  • Power Setting 2 – This setting uses the same power as the first, but includes the motorized brush which is better for carpeting.
  • Turbo Mode – This setting is the most effective on all surfaces and uses the motorized brush with the most suction. However, the runtime is greatly diminished (around 12 minutes).

As can be expected, it’s light to use and very manoeuvrable around the house. It’s more than capable of handling most homes on one charge, though if you have mostly carpeted flooring you may find you’ll need to do it in more than one setting using the turbo mode.

The Athlet has no qualms about pet hair and tough debris though if you have long haired companions you’ll definitely need to use the motorized brush. In so doing from time to time you will have to remove the brush to cut the hair and clean some backed up dirt, but it’s easy to pop it out from the head.

Areas, where the Athlet fell short, was that the hoover and attachments were a little awkward to use for stair cleaning, and due to its size and shape it really isn’t as practical as Bosch would have you believe for cleaning cars. However, the novelty of not having a cord never wears off and it’s easy to have a cordless like this on hand for keeping on top of things throughout your week – especially high traffic areas like the kitchen.

You will find that the 0.9-litre dirt receptacle does get full quicker than expected, but is relatively easy to clean. It’s messier than some other cordless models such as the Dyson V8, but at nearly half the price, it’s difficult to complain.


The Bosch Athlet BCH625KTGB vacuum sits at just over £200 which puts in in contention with models such as the GTech AirRam MK2 which we reviewed earlier this month. While there are more expensive cordless hoovers, the price is still significant enough to make you seriously consider the pros and cons before making a decision. Just keep in mind that Bosch is well known for making quality appliances and the hoover is backed by a two-year guarantee.

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Overall, the Bosch Athlet is as solid cordless hoover, with the potential to be versatile. What that means is that most people tend to prefer using it as an upright and don’t bother with the attachments. In that sense, it excels due to its lightweight, practicality and long run time. However, the option is there when you need it, unlike some other models. You will likely find like most cordless vacuum cleaners that you will use the turbo setting (where applicable) more often than the standard setting unless you only have hard flooring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Bosch Athlet BCH625KTGB Measurements? 

The Athlet is approximately 1160mm high, 285mm wide and 185mm in depth.

How much does the Athlet weigh?

The hoover itself weighs around 3kg.

Will it keep charging once the battery is full?

No, the charger will turn itself off once the hoover has finished charging.

Will this work for homes with pets?

Yes, it does work for picking up pet hair though you will most likely need to use the motorized brush and/or the turbo setting.

Is this good for cleaning the stairs?

Yes, although most people find it better to use the main head rather than the attachments.


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