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Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum Review

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9.5Our Score

What is the Dyson V10?

Dyson has made an incredibly bold statement in that they will no longer produce corded vacuum cleaners and focus solely on developing cordless models. This statement was made with the release of their new Dyson V10 cordless vacuum cleaner which is an upgrade from the formidable V8 series (we’re not sure what happened to the V9, perhaps the V10 sounded better).

The Dyson Cyclone V10 is a lightweight, stick hoover that can be used both as a handheld and an upright for multiple cleaning tasks. As with other Dyson models, it is available in various versions which at of the time of writing this Dyson V10 review, includes the Total Clean, Absolute and Animal. This is a common theme and the only difference between these versions are the included attachments and therefore the pricing. We’ve provided more details about this below.

For the purpose of this review, and because we really wanted one anyway, we went with the V10 Total Clean to see if it is a marked improvement over the V8. Read on to find out what we thought.


  • Long Operating Time – Unlike the V8, the V10 Cyclone can run for up to 60 minutes which is significant for any cordless hoover.
  • Highly Versatile – Designed to be the only hoover you need to use (whether you want to clean cobwebs, pick up fruit loops, or mud).
  • Bagless – The V10 is bagless and has a dirt capacity of 0.76 litres which is considerably more than the V8’s 0.54 litres.
  • Three Power Modes – Multiple power modes means you can adjust the suction capabilities according to your needs.


  • Expensive – Paying for the top of the line cordless stick hoover comes at a premium, though you might be able to find it on special while it’s still relatively new to the market.
  • Emptying – Although innovative, simple and hygienic, you now need to remove the attachment (i.e. wand or mini head) before emptying the dirt receptacle.
  • Battery Usage – This is both a pro and a con as the highest ‘max boost’ mode can still drain the battery in 5 minutes. However, most people will find they rarely need to use this setting for most applications.

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Dyson V10 Total Clean Key Features

Whole Machine Filtration – The V10 not only features hygienic dirt removal but is capable of capturing 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. This is made possible with an airtight gasket around the cyclone assembly, as well as a pressurized rubber seal around the advanced filter. In light of this, the air that is expelled from the V10 as you hoover is cleaner and healthier.

Linear Airflow Path – Just one of the reasons the V10 is so much more efficient is because they were able to rotate the cyclone and dirt receptacle assembly 90 degrees to form a linear profile. This has improved air flow and therefore increased the air watts by 20%. Coupled with their fastest ever V10 digital motor that is capable of spinning up to 125,000rpm, this is one impressive cordless hoover.

14 Cyclones – Although one less than the V8, the V10 uses 14 cyclones which together are capable of producing more than 79,000G’s. The air that is sucked in from the atmosphere accelerates from 45mph to 125mph as the cyclones narrow and create the suction capable of picking up both large and fine particles (including bacteria, allergens and pollen).

Battery Life

Dyson V10 vs. V8 Battery Ports

(Left: Dyson V10 Right: Dyson V8)

Fortunately, Dyson decided to move the battery port on the Dyson V10 to the front of the grip, this is a huge improvement for those who experienced electric shocks from the battery port on the Dyson V8.

One of the key areas that Dyson are constantly focusing on improving is their battery technology. The V10 uses a seven-cell 525W, a lithium-ion battery with nickel-cobalt-aluminum chemistry which is more powerful, yet the same weight as the battery used in the V8. Dyson uses a clever power management system which constantly optimizes the power to ensure it never fades as the charge drops. The V10 is able to run for up to 60 minutes on the ‘normal’ mode, 30 minutes on the ‘boost’ mode, and 5 minutes on the ‘extra boost’ mode.

Charging takes approximately 3½ hours, and you’ll know it’s charged when the three blue LED indicator lights stop flashing – these also let you know how much juice is remaining as you clean. Upon unboxing it’s recommended to wait for the V10 to fully charge before trying it out, although we know from personal experience how difficult this can be. All versions of the V10 come with a wall dock for easy charging – this is connected to a standard plugin-in charger which you can use without the dock if you prefer.

Design & Accessories

Dyson V10 accessories

The styling of the Dyson V10 is fitting for the image James Dyson wants to portray for his company. It’s a sleek, futuristic design that aims to be the pioneering standard for all cordless stick hoovers moving forward. The colouring is tasteful though varies depending on the version you choose. The Total Clean we purchased is predominantly red (including the wand), and features grey with purple accents. All look similar, although the Absolute has more grey with a copper coloured wand, and the Animal has more purple which includes the wand.

The V10 handle is similar to the V8 and is still very ergonomic, with a simple power trigger and a three-mode selector switch on top of the unit. The build quality is hard to beat and all of the tools have a firm click when attaching and detaching, without any hint that they’re likely to break anytime soon. Talking of tools, this is where the different versions differ apart from the colouring. The included tools are as follows for each model:

Total Clean – Direct drive cleaner head, soft roller cleaner head, mini motorhead tool, extension hose, combination tool (standard nozzle and dusting), crevice tool, mattress tool, and up-top adapter. This is the most expensive version and a great all-round cleaner.

Absolute – Direct drive cleaner head, soft roller cleaner head, mini motorhead tool, combination tool (standard nozzle and dusting), crevice tool, and mini soft dusting brush. This version provides most of the important tools and is usually more than adequate.

Animal – Direct drive cleaner head, mini motorhead tool, combination tool (standard nozzle and dusting), crevice tool, and mini soft dusting brush. This version is geared mostly towards homeowners with carpeted flooring and pets, though you’re better off with the Absolute or Total clean in our opinion (especially if you have hard flooring due to the lack of the soft roller cleaner head).

Note: An odd observation is that the Total Clean doesn’t include the mini soft dusting brush which we found strange.

Further improvements that are worth mentioning are that the direct drive cleaner head has been improved to remove up to 25% more dirt and debris than the similar head on the V8. Both the direct drive and soft dusting brush feature a DC motor to make them more effective.

Dyson has always made it especially easy to empty their bagless vacuum cleaners without getting your hands dirty. However, the V10 now features a ‘point and shoot’ dirt canister which means you point the main unit over a bin and empty it by sliding forward a red tab at the bottom. This opens the lid of the dirt canister while simultaneously pulling it forward to remove grime with a squeegee-like action.

On the unit, aside from the three battery life indicators, there is also a blockage and dirty filter warning light. This way you know when you need to clean it to ensure suction remains optimal. This is quite simple as it’s located on the back of the V10 and can be removed by twisting and pulling it away from the unit. You can then tap the filter on the side of your big to remove excess dirt, before rinsing it under tap water.

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You’ll notice that whether you use the direct drive or soft cleaner head that the V10 is highly flexible to move around the floor thanks to the universal joints. This flexibility is particularly pronounced on the direct drive cleaner head as it will be used on carpeting. The suction is impressive although there are three modes which you can choose – the standard mode which runs for up to 60 minutes, the boost mode which runs for 30 minutes (you’ll use this most often when cleaning the house), and the max boost which runs for 5 minutes and is ideal for quick jobs or for those occasions when you have really stubborn dirt to pick up or a lot of debris in deep carpeting.

The V10 has absolutely no problems picking up both large and fine particles, whether this includes corn flakes or spilt sugar on hard flooring, or the normal dried mud and debris that makes carpeted entrances a particular challenge for most cordless models. Due to the light weight of the machine, it was a breeze to use on stairs, and also had no problems picking up pet hair (another area where cordless models sometimes come up short).

The ability to use the wand with the included attachments provides the option to easily transition from cleaning the floor to sucking up cobwebs and dust that accumulates on the ceiling and skirting boards. It’s also very simple to transition into a handheld for counter tops, cabinets, bedding, furniture, and of course your vehicle. The mini motorhead is particularly good for upholstery, and the up-top adapter which comes with the Total Clean is great for cleaning on top of large dressers. The extension hose also allows for a lot more cleaning applications such as getting under car seats or behind radiators with the crevice tool.

For cleaning keyboards and for general dusting, we feel that the Total Clean should have included the dusting brush, especially when you’re paying for more attachments. However, the combination tool which acts as both a standard nozzle and duster was more than adequate for most tasks. Overall the V10 was easy to use, effective, maintained its charge while cleaning the whole house, and only needed to be emptied twice which wasn’t difficult. Although slightly heavier than the V8, the V10 is well balanced and wasn’t fatiguing to use at all. It’s also notably quieter than the V8.

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There is no hiding the fact that the Dyson V10 and the Total Clean version, in particular, is an expensive cordless vacuum cleaner. However, we feel it’s the best cordless vacuum on the market at the moment and worth the price tag. With Dyson’s reputation and the two-year warranty, it’s a smart purchase if you’ve been waiting for the right cordless model to come along before swapping over from your old heavy, corded hoover.


We are quite delighted with the V10 and think that it lives up to the hype. Unlike the V8, you’ll find that the middle setting can be used most of the time which shortens the run time to 30 minutes rather than 60, but this is usually more than enough for most homes. The 2-in-1 versatility of the machine also means you won’t need to purchase both a handheld and a regular hoover as this will perform all tasks, and without being tethered to a cord.

For more information visit Dyson right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the Animal version if I have pets, or will the other versions be adequate? 

The Animal is the cheapest version and features the direct drive head which is ideal for carpeting and pet hair. However, the other versions also include this head so you don’t need to choose the Animal if you want the additional attachments of the other models.

Is it possible to clean my whole home on one charge or will I need to clean one room at a time?

The V10 is powerful enough on the standard or middle setting to easily clean the majority of homes on one charge. While the ‘max boost’ setting only runs for around 5 minutes, this is only necessary for particularly dirty areas or occasions when dirt or fur is deeply embedded in carpeting or upholstery.

Does the wall dock come included in the box or do I need to purchase it separately?

The wall dock is included with all versions of the V10.

Can I use V8 attachments with the V10?

Yes, you can, they are the exact same fitting so if you have a Dyson V8 and are simply looking to upgrade then it might be better to opt for the lowest spec model which is the Dyson V10 Animal.

Is this a good vacuum cleaner for people with disabilities or physical limitations?

The V10 is quite lightweight and ergonomic so should be a lot easier to use compared to a normal upright or cylinder vacuum cleaner. The lack of a cord also means it’s more practical with no chance of tripping over or having to change power outlets.

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Dyson V7 Trigger Cordless Vacuum Review

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8.6Our Score

What Is the Dyson V7 Trigger?

Dyson is a well-established UK company that was created in 1987 by James Dyson and has always been particularly well known for creating quality, high-end vacuum cleaners that perform better than most other products on the market. These days they are focusing heavily on cordless vacuum cleaners.

Their newest handheld model is the bagless Dyson V7 Trigger which has been designed to take care of all the tasks your regular floor vacuum cleaner can’t. Although their V6 was also widely popular, they have improved upon the impressive battery life so that it now runs for 30 minutes which is heads and shoulders above most other cordless handhelds currently available, and it’s also around 200g lighter.

At the moment there is only the standard Trigger V7 available in the UK, although in the US they offer a Car + Boat version which contains a built-in flexible hose and an additional stiff bristled brush. Keep a lookout though as they are likely to soon offer this model in addition to other versions in the UK too.

For this V7 review, we managed to get our hands on the standard model to find out how it compares to other handhelds we have tested. Read on to find out if it’s worth the price tag.


  • Long Runtime – Impressive 30 minutes of fade-free suction on the standard model.
  • Hygienic Dirt Ejector – Don’t get your hands dirty when emptying the dirt receptacle.
  • Lightweight – Weighing just 1.38kg the V7 is a very comfortable handheld to use.
  • Washable Filter – The filter is designed to last for the life of the machine which will save you money.


  • No Extension Hose – The standard V7 Trigger lacks a built-in extension hose which we feel should be a common feature on all of their models.
  • Separate Wall Mount – A wall mount is available but needs to be purchased separately. Included is a standard plug-in charger.

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Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Key Features

Dyson Digital Motor – The V7 is powered by Dyson’s digital motor which is small but powerful and spins up to 110,000 RPM. This means that it’s capable of producing 100 air watts which are impressive for such a little handheld hoover.

Two Power Modes – Unlike many other cordless handheld models, the V7 Trigger has a max power mode for particularly difficult areas in addition to their standard setting (which is still more than adequate for most cleaning tasks). It runs for 30 minutes on the normal suction mode, and 6 minutes on the ‘max’ suction mode.

2 Tier Radial Cyclones – With 2 tier radial cyclonic technology and with the help of 15 small cyclones, the Trigger is capable of picking up both large and small particles (as small as 0.5 microns with HEPA filtration).

Battery Life

The V7 Trigger uses a 21.6V lithium-ion battery that allows it to run up to 30 minutes on the standard setting, and produce up to 100 air watts on the shorter lasting max setting. It takes around 3½ hours to fully charge once depleted, which isn’t bad considering that other cordless models can take much longer. There is a wall dock for the V7 Trigger available, although you need to purchase it separately. Out of the box, you get a standard plugin charger. On the side of the battery is a blue LED indicator which lets you know when the handheld hoover is fully charged and how much battery life is remaining while you are cleaning.

Design & Accessories

The Dyson V7 Trigger is designed to be an effective handheld vacuum cleaner while still being lightweight, compact and durable. Upon unboxing the product this is evident as it’s well very made and it’s clear that plenty of thought has gone into the development to make it easy to use. It’s definitely a modern looking machine and is styled with a metallic grey colour with red and purple accenting (and a clear dirt receptacle so you know when it needs emptying).

The material is of a strong, hard plastic and the quick release attachments make a firm ‘clicking’ sound when changing them. The handle is angled to be ergonomic and it uses a trigger instead of a standard on/off power button. Although some people may prefer an on/off button, the trigger actually helps you to use less of the battery as it’s only running while you’re using it. There is a switch above the handle, though this allows you to swap between the two different power settings.

On top of the V7 Trigger is the purple HEPA filter which you can twist and remove to wash under a tap. As mentioned, it’s designed to last and won’t need to be replaced. When it’s time to empty the 0.54-litre dirt receptacle, this is done rather smartly by holding the vacuum over a bin and pulling a red lever at the top. When you do this you slide the filter (and cyclone) housing up while the bottom dirt flap opens automatically. It’s designed so that as it slides up, the filter shroud is cleaned automatically so you don’t need to get your hands dirty. This makes it an incredibly hygienic handheld that maintains suction.

The standard V7 Trigger comes with three primary quick release attachments:

  • Combination Tool – This is both a regular nozzle and can also be easily converted into a duster.
  • Crevice Tool – This is great for any tight spaces and other hard to reach areas.
  • Mini Motorhead with Stiff Bristles – This is ideal for cleaning upholstery and carpeting.

If available you might also opt for the V7 Trigger Car + Boat model which in addition to the above attachments also includes a built-in flexible hose, mini soft dusting brush, stiff bristle brush and in-car charger.

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Despite the relatively low air watt on the standard cleaning mode of 21 air watts, the V7 Trigger is very efficient with its airflow and can be used for a variety of tasks. On this setting, you’ll easily be able to take care of all your dusting around the home while hoovering up everyday dirt and debris. For any stubborn dirt or embedded hair, you’ll find the need to use the max power mode (100 air watts), however, being a handheld, most of the time it only needs to be used for short intervals anyway.

The V7 Trigger doesn’t have any issues picking up both small and large particles – whether that’s beach sand on your car floor and seats, spilt sugar and spices on your kitchen countertop, or kitty litter around your cat box. The best feature of the Trigger is the mini motorized head which makes picking up pet hair and even pine needles a breeze both on carpeting and hard flooring. It’s especially useful for those who like to use a handheld to clean their stairs. The dirt receptacle capacity is respectable for such a compact unit and is easy to empty.


The Dyson V7 Trigger handheld vacuum cleaner is firmly placed at the high end of the market, although as it’s a relatively new product you may purchase it for a special price on Amazon for a limited time. At the time of writing this review, it’s even cheaper than its predecessor, the V6 Trigger. Dyson also offers a standard 2-year warranty and have great customer service.

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It’s hard to go wrong with Dyson’s cordless products, and the V7 Trigger is no exception as it can be used for a number of applications while performing an exceptional job. It’s also a very lightweight and ergonomic handheld which makes it a good option for those with arthritis or other problems with their hands or wrists. One issue we have is that for the price we think it should have more attachments. For instance, the cheaper Gtech Multi Mk2 which we reviewed here, has more attachments including a built-in extension hose.

For more information visit Dyson right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the measurements of the V7 Trigger?

206mm height, 316mm length and 131mm width.

How long does the max power mode last?

The max power setting on the V7 Trigger lasts for up to 6 minutes.

Can I use the standard setting for most applications, or will I need to use the highest setting?

For the majority of your cleaning, the V7 produces enough suction so that you won’t need to use the max setting. However, for especially dirty areas or if you want to clean a small area quickly then the max setting is a great feature.

Does it come with a wall dock?

No, the V7 Trigger only comes with a normal plug-in charger, though you can purchase a wall dock separately.

Is this a good model to use for my car?

Yes, most people find the attachments and suction power more than adequate. If you don’t clean your car often you may find you’ll need to use the max power setting. Dyson also makes a boat + car version which has additional tools that are more practical.

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Gtech Multi MK-2-ATF006 Cordless Handheld Review

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8.6Our Score

What Is the Gtech Multi Handheld?

Gtech, otherwise known as Grey Technology, is a company incredibly dedicated to researching and developing cordless appliances – including cordless garden tools and electric bikes. With a wide range of battery powered vacuum cleaners and sweepers (read our Gtech AirRam 2 review here), it’s no surprise that they also offer a powerful and versatile handheld.

The Gtech Multi Mk2 cordless handheld is a cleverly designed hoover that can be used for cleaning everything from your car upholstery to the mirrors hanging on your wall at home. It’s a step up from the Mk1 in that it’s 30% more powerful, now comes with a motorized brush head to better clean your furniture and stairs, and more attachments right out of the box.

It’s a serious piece of kit and the price demonstrates this fact as it targets the higher end of the handheld vacuum cleaner market. We’ve bought one to see if it’s the last handheld you’ll ever need, or whether you’ll wish you hadn’t broken the bank. Read our Gtech Multi Mk2 review to find out.


  • Innovative – Cleverly designed cordless handheld with onboard attachments and a 40cm extendable built-in hose. It also has two LED’s that light up your cleaning area.
  • Lightweight – Not too heavy at 1.6kg considering the possible applications.
  • Runtime – The 22V battery provides up to 20 minutes of cordless hoovering.
  • Easy to Empty – The removable dirt receptacle is easy to empty without getting dust on your hands.


  • Charge Time – Takes up to 4 hours to charge fully, although this is fairly standard across most cordless models.
  • Bulky – The design, although ergonomic, makes it a little bulky for certain types of cleaning (i.e. around the car).

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Gtech Multi Handheld Key Features

On-Board Attachments – The Gtech Multi Mk2 is designed to be practical while cleaning. Aside from an extendable 40cm hose to use when needed, stored within the body of the unit is a crevice tool and dusting brush.

Power Brush Head – The motorized brush head now makes it more practical for cleaning stairs, as well as removing pet hair from carpet and upholstery.

36cm Extension Tube – Although this was also available for the Mk1, the extension tube is now included in the box rather than having to order it separately. With the additional reach, the Mk2 has respectable floor to ceiling cleaning abilities. It’s also easier to get into nooks and crannies.

Battery Life

The Gtech Multi uses a professional 22V lithium-ion battery that allows the cordless hoover to produce 140 air watts for up to 20 minutes. It takes approximately 4 hours to fully recharge the battery, although if you need it for a short spell an hour of charging is enough to give you a few extra minutes. The Multi Mk2 doesn’t come with a charging dock (rather a normal plug-in charger), although you can choose to remove the battery while charging so it takes up less space. Above the handle of the machine is a four-stage green LED indicator to show you how much battery life is remaining, and also indicates when it’s fully charged.

Design & Accessories

Upon unboxing you’ll notice right away that the Multi Mk2 has been carefully designed with quality materials. It’s modernistic in terms of styling and is available only in a mixture of grey and black with green accenting. The green is a trademark element found on all of Gtech’s products and speaks for their commitment to cordless innovation.

The rubber handle has been ergonomically designed to fit into your hand comfortably, and the power button is within thumb reach. While some may have preferred the trigger design on the Mk1, the on/off button will mean less fatigue and is one of the selling points over the original. The Multi also features two LED lights on each side that light up your cleaning area which will come in handy more often than you think.

The base of the unit stores the crevice and upholstery tools and the flexible hose can be extended 40cm by slightly twisting and pulling the end of the main nozzle. Aside from these features, included is a 36cm hard plastic extension tube with dusting brush which you can attach the crevice tool to and a motorized brush head. To use the motorized brush head you have to remove the main nozzle, although it fits into place with a firm click which speaks for the build quality. It’s possible to also remove the brush from the side of the head when you need to clean it.

The clear dirt receptacle and filter can simply be pulled away from the main unit (no latch) when you want to empty it and replaced in reverse order. The dirt receptacle has a door at the bottom which flips open and allows you to empty the dirt and debris, while the sponge filter can be removed from the top of the receptacle to be cleaned under running water. Make sure that after cleaning the filter you allow it to dry completely before reinstalling.

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The Multi Mk2 is very easy to use and performs brilliantly around the home. If some of the attachments are daunting the included instruction guide explains everything in simple fashion. The machine head is particularly good for dirty carpeting and does an above average job at picking up animal hair compared to other handhelds. Note that Gtech does make a K9 version of the Multi for people with excessive animal hair to clean up.

It has no problems picking up various materials, whether you’re cleaning up spilt food from the kitchen floor, rice Krispies from your dining table, kitty litter around the cat box or debris from your welcome rug. Both the flexible hose and the hard plastic extension makes it possible to clean under furniture, and to use it as a duster around the home. The unit doesn’t feel too heavy, but people cleaning around the home for the full charge might start to notice the weight.

It’s a little bulky to use in the car and the attachments are limited (the motorized brush being the most useful). However, it’s possible to purchase a car accessory kit on Amazon to get around this problem. If you will be cleaning your car often with this hoover it’s best to keep on top of it so it doesn’t get too dirty between cleans.


As mentioned, the Multi Mk2 is priced towards the higher end of the market at just under £150, with perhaps the Dyson being the only company to sell a more expensive handheld only unit. However, you definitely get what you pay for as it’s a well-made vacuum with a 2-year warranty. It’s also possible to purchase more comprehensive or longer cover via Amazon.

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Overall the Gtech Multi Mk2 does what it says on the tin. It’s a great helper for all types of people whether you own a house or an apartment, though is especially great for busy parents. It is larger than other handheld vacuums, but it’s designed to be more versatile too. You’ll have to decide what you will use it for and if the price can be justified but we think it’s a good buy.

For more information visit Amazon right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Gtech Multi Mk2 heavy to use?

It’s quite a lightweight and manageable machine for most people. However, what might be light for one person may feel slightly heavier for another.

Can you use it while it’s charging?

No, it can’t be used while plugged into the charger. The lead is a little short so it wouldn’t be practical anyway.

Is this good for removing pet hair from furniture and the car?

The Mk2 doesn’t have a problem picking up hair, especially when using the motorized roller brush. However, there is a K9 version if you have multiple pets or pets that shed a lot of hair.

Is the Multi Mk2 noisy? 

At around 68db it’s fairly noisy, but not enough to be obtrusive.

Can I detach the battery for charging?

Yes, although you won’t be able to see the battery charge indicator.

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VonHaus 2-in-1 Stick & Handheld Review

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8.8Our Score

What Is the VonHaus 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum?

One of the primary challenges that manufacturers of cordless vacuum cleaners face is power and runtime (especially handhelds). Although cordless is definitely the wave of the future, VonHaus have kept things simple and affordable by introducing their 2-in-1 corded stick vacuum cleaners to the market.

The company has a wide range of electronic products, including various hoovers, that are designed to do the job for anyone on a budget. They have three versions of their popular 2-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner which can be used either as an upright or a handheld.

  1. Orange Upright Stick (07/200) 600W with 1.3 Litre Dirt Receptacle
  2. Grey Upright Stick (07/796) 1000W with 1.3 Litre Dirt Receptacle
  3. Grey Upright Stick Vacuum (07/884) 600W with 0.2 Litre Dirt Receptacle

We assume that due to the 2017 EU regulations which limit the power wattage, VonHaus have stopped producing the 1000W version although it’s still possible to buy it online while stocks last. If you’re looking for an ultra-slim stick hoover then you can consider the 07/884 model, but for the purpose of this review, we have purchased the 07/200 600W model which has a larger dirt capacity and has been favourably received. Read on to find out if this 2-in-1 corded vacuum is up to the task of everyday cleaning, or whether ‘you get what you pay for’.


  • Small Footprint – Designed to reach difficult areas both as an upright and a handheld.
  • Lightweight – The lightweight (2.9kg) design makes it perfect for anyone who is usually limited by a heavy and cumbersome vacuum cleaner.
  • Dust Capacity – The 1.3-litre dust capacity is larger than most other bagless stick or handheld hoovers on the market.
  • Affordable – It’s much cheaper than other 2-in-1 models and still performs admirably.


  • Corded – Although you don’t need to worry about battery life, the cord reduces the practicality of this hoover.
  • Attachments – The attachments don’t have a locking mechanism which makes it easy for them to fall off.
  • No Rotating Brush – It doesn’t come with a motorized brush, although it’s possible to buy a ‘turbo brush’ head separately.

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VonHaus 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Key Features

2-in-1 Functionality – The VonHause 600W 2-in-1 can be easily converted into a handheld by simply clicking a button towards the top of the main unit and removing the long handle. You can then choose to use the handheld with the floor head, or detach it to use the included accessories. 

Telescopic Handle – While using it as a ‘stick’ hoover you can easily adjust the telescopic handle to suit your height (allowing for a maximum total length of 122cm from floor tip to handle).

Bagless with HEPA Filtration – This corded 2-in-1 hoover uses a HEPA and sponge filtration system that traps microscopic particles making your home more hygienic. It also has a 1.3-litre dust receptacle that is easy to remove and empty.

Design & Accessories

The VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 stick hoover isn’t something you’ll want to hang on your wall, but it has a sleek and retro style that merges the old-fashioned upright with modern practicality. Aside from the metallic telescopic handle, the unit is comprised of hard plastic with a build quality that is questionable – particularly toward the end of the unit where you connect the head and other attachments. However, there haven’t been many complaints about the unit breaking easily and it’s also backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty.

As mentioned, the telescopic handle can be removed so you can use the VonHaus 2-in-1 as a handheld. This is actually quite practical as you don’t need to remove the unit from the ‘body’ of the machine like other similarly designed models. The attachments at the end are held on by friction rather than a locking mechanism which can be considered a downfall, although it’s relatively easy to remove and attach them. In addition to the simple cleaning brush head which can be used on wood flooring without scratching it, included in the box is a crevice tool (with a flip up mini brush), upholstery tool and extension hose.

In terms of usability, the 2-in-1 is comfortable both as a stick and a handheld and easy to figure out due to its straightforward design. It doesn’t have a swivel head which is a bit of a let-down though there are two wheels on the bottom of the head to help it glide along the floor. The cable can get in the way on occasion but because it’s 6 meters long it allows you to reach most areas without having to change wall sockets frequently.

To remove the dirt receptacle you just need to release a clip toward the bottom of the lower handle. The bottom half of the hoover can then be taken to a bin and emptied out though you will need to remove the filter first. The filters are washable (running water only) and replacements are available online. 

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For such an affordable hoover, the VonHaus 2-in-1 600W stick vacuum is surprisingly compatible. It performs particularly well on hard flooring as well as on short piled rugs and carpeting. However, because it lacks a rotating or motorized brush those with deep carpeting will find that the vacuum cleaner has its limitations, and especially if you have long haired pets as well. It’s possible to purchase ahead with a rotating brush separately but it uses suction to spin the brush rather than a motor.

In terms of suction (approximately 130 air watts), the VonHaus 2-in-1 has no problem picking up fine and heavy dirt particles such as dried mud, cat litter and general debris. It’s very lightweight and easy to remove the telescopic handle to use the handheld for cleaning your vehicle, furniture (including tables and bedding), stairs, skirting boards, and anything else around the home. You may find that you’ll need to use the hose extension if you want to reach under furniture, though while in ‘stick mode’ it does drop to a relatively horizontal position.

The dirt receptacle didn’t fill too quickly which is usually a problem with other bagless stick hoovers. As it doesn’t use a cyclone suction the filter does get dirty quickly which means you’ll have to clean it often to maintain optimal suction.


All versions of the VonHaus 2-in-1 stick hoover are available for less than £30 and are ‘A’ energy rated. Compared to other 2-in-1 models on the market they are priced very competitively and are backed by a two-year manufacturer guarantee.

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Overall, the VonHaus stick hoover provides excellent value in terms of performance and versatility for such a low priced product. However, because it lacks a motorized brush it’s really only ideal for those who have hard flooring, short carpeting or want to use it for cleaning their caravan/holiday home. Because it’s such a slim and lightweight hoover, it’s also a great option for those with certain disabilities, back problems or other limitations.

For more information visit Amazon right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the cord?

The cord on the 600W model is 6 meters.

Is the cord retractable?

No. The cord wraps around two points at the back of the telescopic handle.

Does the VonHaus 2-in-1 stick hoover come with a warranty?

Yes, VonHaus offers a 2-year guarantee.

Are the filters replaceable?

It’s possible to clean the filters by washing them under a tap, but new filters are possible to purchase on Amazon.

Is this hoover suitable for those with pets?

If you have hard flooring you won’t have any problems, but the lack of a motorized brush makes it difficult to pick up fur from carpets.

How wide is the cleaning head?

The cleaning head is 23cm wide.

Is this suitable for those with carpets?

Those with carpets will benefit from purchasing the 1000W version or at least the additional turbo brush head. It does a relatively good job but works best on hard flooring.

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Black & Decker 18V Dustbuster Review

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8.8Our Score

What Is the Black + Decker 18V Dustbuster Pivot?

When it comes to cordless handheld vacuum cleaners, the primary selling point is convenience. Although some stick hoovers are versatile enough to be used as both floor and handheld units, there needs to be clear expectations for a handheld only item. The perfect product should be easily accessible for cleaning up small messes and general household/vehicle dirt and fulfil these tasks without loss of suction.

Introducing the Black + Decker 18V Dustbuster Pivot cordless handheld, a compact and practical little hoover designed to help you stay on top of cleaning chores in between large sessions with your main vacuum. It more closely resembles a traditional handheld in that it doesn’t have a hose, but it has a unique pivot design that makes it all the more possible to clean difficult areas as well as a flip-up brush and built-in crevice tool that can be extended when required.

Because Black + Decker have a number of cordless handheld models (including this one in different power settings), we decided to purchase the 18V Dustbuster Pivot (PV1820L) to find out what it does best.


  • Compact – Small and lightweight unit that can be folded when charging which means it takes up little space.
  • Versatile – Contains a built-in flip-up brush and extendable crevice tool.
  • Easy to Clean – Simple side door can be opened to empty the dust receptacle.
  • Ergonomic – Comfortable handle to make cleaning easy on the hand and wrists.


  • Low Run Time – Only operates for up to 10 minutes at a time.
  • Charging Time – Can take 3-4 hours to charge fully.

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Black + Decker 18V Dustbuster Pivot Key Features

Pivoting Nozzle – The Dustbuster Pivot has a patented nozzle that pivots up to 200 degrees. This makes it hugely practical for reaching awkward places around your home and vehicle.

Integrated Tools – The nozzle has a flip up soft brush to help you with dusting, as well as an extendable crevice tool so you have everything you need as you clean.

Triple Cyclonic and Filtration Action – The cyclonic action of the 18V Dustbuster handheld allows dirt to stay away from the filter, and to ensure suction remains at a maximum. The 980-watt motor is also positioned within the filter for efficiency and to ensure there is no compromise in performance.

Battery Life

Black + Decker’s 18V pivot uses an 18-volt lithium-ion battery which allows it to produce 35 air watts (10 more than their 18v Flexi model) for a continuous 10 minutes without fading. Charging time does take up to 4 hours once it has been depleted fully, which is a long time for such a short run time. However, this is made convenient with the small charging dock which can be wall mounted though many choose not to. There is a blue LED power and charging indicator light which flashes while it’s charging and turns off when it’s fully charged. The light also acts as a warning while in use by flashing 30 seconds prior to the unit running out of juice. Once the battery is fully charged, the charger shuts off automatically so you don’t use more electricity than you have to.

Design & Accessories

The 18V Dustbuster Pivot is ready to use outside of the box as no assembly is required and it already contains charge. However, it’s recommended to connect it to the supplied dock for at least 4 hours to make sure the battery is fully charged before you begin. The unit itself comes across as a study, quality hard plastic item fashioned in silver and white, with a translucent dust bowl so you can always monitor when it needs to be emptied and/or cleaned.

As mentioned, the Pivot does closely resemble a traditional handheld, although by holding in a button on the handle (above the on/off switch) you can pivot the nozzle at various angles up to 200 degrees for convenient cleaning. Contained on the end of the nozzle is also a flip up soft brush which can be used for dusting and cleaning upholstery, in addition to an extendable crevice tool for tight areas.

When you want to empty the dirt receptacle/dust bowl you can do this by releasing the door on the side and emptying it over a dustbin – shaking to get all the debris out. To clean the filter there is a button located on the side of the nozzle which pulls the filter housing and the dirt receptacle away from the main motor unit. This allows you to remove the filter and clean the entire section that comes into contact with dirt for optimal hygiene. It’s even possible to clean the filter in a dishwasher so it will keep working for years to come.

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The Black + Decker 18V Pivot is surprisingly powerful for such a little machine which makes it ideal for picking up everything from beach sand in your car, and cat litter in your home, to spilt cereal and coffee grounds on tabletops tops. It’s suitable for multiple surfaces whether that’s carpeting (i.e. entrance welcome mats), hard flooring, or upholstery.

The flip out brush also makes it great for cleaning vehicle vents, blinds, skirting boards, window ledges, shelves and the usual dust that accumulates on and around electronic appliances. The crevice tool is easy to extend and helps to reach under furniture, between small spaces (i.e. around kitchen appliances) and of course between car seats or sofa cushions.

It’s lightweight at 1.38kg and also easy to clean both the dust bowl and filter as mentioned above in the design section. Two negative points are that the dirt capacity is only 0.44 litres (though this isn’t bad for a handheld), and it’s much noisier than expected. You’ll also find that for the most part, you won’t use the pivot feature that much unless you’re trying to clean items above head height.


The 18V Dustbuster Pivot is mid-priced at under £80 with free UK delivery, and while there are both cheaper and more expensive models, we feel that this is a respectable price for a cordless handheld that should last for a long time. As with other similar Black + Decker products, there is a two-year guarantee and an option to extend or improve the coverage when purchasing on Amazon.

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Overall the 18V Pivot is an impressionable little handheld, cordless, vacuum cleaner that’s easy to use, simple to clean so that it functions like new, and has enough suction to perform the tasks it was actually meant to do. If you’re looking for a reliable handheld, we’d recommend placing this one at the top of your list.

For more information visit Amazon right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the hoover have a battery life indicator? 

No, it doesn’t, but a blue LED light will flash 30 seconds before it runs out of power. It also flashes while it’s charging and turns off when fully charged.

Do you need to hold the switch in all the time while using the Pivot?

No, it’s a simple on/off switch.

I have arthritis in my hands, will this be difficult to use?

Other customers who have arthritis or other conditions are able to use the Dustbuster Pivor without any discomfort. 

Can this hoover be used to pick up wet material?

No, it is designed to only pick up dry dirt and debris.

How do I remove the filter?

Once you have removed the filter housing and dirt receptacle section of the hoover, you must turn the filter clockwise to pull it out.

Is the filter washable?

Yes. While most vacuum filters either need to be replaced or only be cleaned using running water, you can use a dishwasher to clean the filter. This makes this machine extra hygienic as you can also clean the dust bowl and nozzle. Just make sure everything is 100% dry before reassembling.

Can model this pick up pet hair?

It has no problem picking up pet hair on hard surfaces, though does have some limitations on carpeting or embedded hair on beds or other upholstery.

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Black & Decker 18V Flexi Review

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8.3Our Score

What Is the Black + Decker 18V Dustbuster Flexi Hand Vac?

People often like to stick with a name they know when purchasing new appliances, especially if it’s within their budget. It’s not just about a “brand” either, but rather choosing a company with a reputation and experience that allows you to place faith in their product without getting fobbed off. Black + Decker is one such company that many people purchase appliances from. It’s mostly known for selling DIY machinery, though considering the fact that they made the world’s first cordless drill, it shouldn’t really be a surprise that they now make cordless vacuum cleaners.

One of their products that have sold well is the 18V Lithium-Ion Flexi handheld hoover. It’s a cordless, bagless vacuum that has been designed to reach all the places your regular floor machine can’t. While they make a variety of rechargeable models, the Dustbuster Flexi Hand Vac is available in 10.8V, 14.4V and 18V versions. They are all essentially the same machine, though the 18V is the most expensive of the three, has more suction power and a longer run time.

We’ve bought one to demonstrate exactly how it works and to discuss the pros and cons of this 18V Dustbuster Flexi Hand Vac review.


  • Compact – The compact and lightweight design of the Dustbuster Flexi makes it easy to use around the home.
  • Versatile – Can be used for a wide range of cleaning applications whether that’s removing dust from your lamps, on top of your fridge or behind your radiators.
  • Easy to Empty – Empties from a side door without the need to remove filters or get your hands dirty.


  • Run Time – Only runs for 15 minutes, but this is usually enough for simple jobs which it was designed to do.
  • Charging Time – Takes up to 4 hours to charge fully.

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Black + Decker 18V Flexi Features

Cyclonic Action with Triple Filtration – The Dustbuster Flexi Hand Vac uses a cyclonic action, which coupled with a triple filtration system, means that it provides powerful suction efficiently.

Flexible Hose – The wrap-around hose allows the unit to be compact when not in use, but extends out to 1.5 meters which makes it highly practical for cleaning various areas of your home and vehicle.

Convenient Dusting – The “Dustbuster” isn’t just a clever name as it’s also designed to clean dust off table surfaces, lamps, televisions, laptops and even large ornaments with its soft brush. This saves you just moving dust around when using a traditional duster.

Battery Life

The Back + Decker Dustbuster Flexi uses an 18-volt lithium-ion battery which provides continuous power until the battery is depleted – rather than slowly becoming weaker the longer you clean. Consequently, the handheld is capable of producing 25 air watts with an airflow capacity of 1062 litres per minute. It only has one power setting and runs for around 15 minutes. It uses ECO smart technology which is meant to charge 4 times faster than other handheld models, and stop charging once the battery is full. However, it takes around 4 hours to charge when you first use it but is generally quicker to top up after that. It comes with a charging dock (with a spot for the included crevice tool) and has a blue LED light that flashes while it is charging, and stays on when it’s fully charged or in use.

Design & Accessories

The Dustbuster Flexi Hand Vac is a trendy hoover coloured in shades of grey with clear plastic and silver accenting. It does have a white cover on the filter/motor side which lets down the styling a bit, but overall with its blue LED ‘power on’ indicator light, it’s a nice looking modern machine. The quality of the hard plastic is sturdy, and there haven’t been any complaints about it breaking suddenly with normal use.

The handheld which resembles a kettlebell in design only weighs 1.47kg which means it isn’t heavy on the wrists when using it to clean around the house. The handle of the main unit is easy to hold, though would have been better had it been designed with rubber for improved ergonomics. At the end of the grey flexible hose is a hard plastic section which allows it to remain rigid while vacuuming. This is especially helpful when cleaning dust off the ceiling or other high areas.

The end of the hose has a large horizontal crevice-like aperture which is what you will use when picking up cereal, cat litter and other granules; and an integrated flick-up dusting brush. This section is removable with a simple clip so you can choose to connect the included crevice tool for reaching down the sides of car seats, between cushions, behind radiators and so on.

Emptying the dirt receptacle is easy, which you can do by releasing the door catch on the clear side of the handheld and holding it over a dustbin. You may need to shake it a little to get the dirt out but you don’t need to touch the dirt.

Before you do this, you may want to use the filter cleaning system which involves accessing and twisting the filter to remove built up fine dust. You can do this by pressing down the grey button on the white side of the machine and twisting to reveal the filter. You can also choose to remove the filter to wash or replace it if you choose. The white section actually incorporates the motor, battery and hose.

As mentioned, the 18V Dustbuster does come with a charging dock although it’ not designed to be wall mounted.

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It’s important to have the right expectations for the 18V Dustbuster before purchasing. Although it once came with a floor cleaning extension (which is still available online), it should only be used as a supplementary hoover to your main unit. It excels at cleaning quick messes. By this, we mean picking up food material from countertops (i.e. cereal, flour and breadcrumbs), ash from around the fireplace, cat litter, keyboard trapped debris and so on. However, one area that it’s particularly good for is picking up surface dust using the soft brush on and around picture frames, lamp shades, skirting boards and ceiling edges.

Being cordless means that many people like to use it for stair or vehicle cleaning. It does a good job in both applications, though don’t expect a valet clean if you need to pick up a lot of mud or ground in dirt.

Unfortunately, this particular model no longer comes with the pet hair attachment so doesn’t do as well removing hair from furniture and carpeting. However, it’s possible to purchase a spare accessory designed for the more expensive PD1800EL Flexi Vac model which should fit.

The suction is respectable for such a small machine, though it’s surprisingly noisy. The dirt capacity is on the low side at 0.5 litres, but because it’s only used for odd jobs it’s more than adequate. It is recommended to use the hose when cleaning because if you leave it in place the fan from the main unit blows around the dirt you are trying to pick up.


The Black + Decker 18V Dustbuster Flexi sits at under £100 and is considered a mid-priced handheld. It’s generally held in high regard and is a quality cordless model for the price. Back + Decker also offer a standard two-year guarantee, though it’s possible to purchase additional coverage through Amazon. If the price is more than you want to spend for a supplementary hoover, you could consider the cheaper AEG AG71a RapidClean that we’ve reviewed here – which is also well received but isn’t cordless.

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The 18V Dustbuster is appropriately named for its ability to help you clean up dust rather than moving it about like you would with a duster. The fact that it’s cordless and lightweight means that it’s practical to get out for small jobs when you don’t have the time or energy to use your main model. The runtime is a little on the low side, especially when it requires such a long charge, but it maintains its power rather than fading. It also actually works, unlike some cheaper cordless models that are nothing short of ideas that fail in practical application. If you like the style of the Flexi Hand Vac and understand what it’s designed for then you should buy one.

For more information visit Amazon right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the crevice tool that comes with it?

The crevice tool is 230mm long. 

Can I use this to remove cobwebs?

Yes, this is great for cleaning cobwebs and dirt off of the ceiling and ceiling corners.

Is the dock wall mountable?

Unfortunately, the dock needs to be kept on a horizontal surface.

What are the product dimensions?

300mm x 270mm x 160mm

What is the power output of the machine?

1700 watts

Is this handheld hoover good at picking up pet hair?

It’s not the best unit for picking up pet hair, and especially if you don’t use the pet hair attachment which no longer comes with it. You can, however, contact Black + Decker for a spare or purchase one designed for the PD1800EL on Amazon.

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AEG AG71A Review

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What Is the AEG AG71a RapidClean?

Most of us have been lured into purchasing a handheld hoover at one point in our lives, with the hope and expectation that it would perform phenomenally for small tasks. Whether these tasks included vacuuming up hair and dust from our keyboards, animal fur on the sofa, or various small messes such as spilt coffee grinds, cereal and cat litter. However, most of the time these machines have been horribly inadequate and ended up becoming nothing more than expensive paperweights.

Luckily, with advances in technology, there is now a myriad of corded and cordless handheld vacuum cleaners that work as advertised. One corded handheld hoover that can make your life easier is the AG71a RapidClean handheld from AEG. It’s a powerful bagless, mains operated hoover that is largely marketed as the perfect machine to clean stairs, as well as upholstery in your home and vehicle.

We’ve purchased one and put together this AEG RapidClean review so you can better understand it’s capabilities, strengths and shortcomings.


  • Powerful – You don’t need to worry about battery life or limited suction as this handheld is mains operated.
  • Built-in Hose – In addition to a practical sized motorized brush roll, it also contains a stretchable hose with a crevice tool for difficult areas.
  • Bagless – Contains a 0.6-litre dirt container which is easy to empty.
  • Two Modes – You have the option to only use suction, or suction along with the motorized brush roll.


  • Corded – Unlike most handhelds this model has a cord which makes it slightly less practical. However, the cord is 6 meters long so you won’t need to change outlets often or have difficulty reaching your car.
  • Heavy – Weighing 2.59kg it’s slightly heavier than your typical handheld hoovers.

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AEG AG71a RapidClean Key Features

700 Watt Motor – The AG71a handheld uses a powerful 700-watt motor and a cyclonic action which means that it cleans far better than most of its competitors.

Stubborn Brush – In addition to the motorized roller brush which can be turned off, the RapidClean has a stubborn brush on the head that can be flipped down. This is best used to clean carpeting and upholstery with embedded hair, dirt or food. 

Convenient Cleaning – The RapidClean handheld hoover contains a stretchable hose and a storage compartment for the crevice tool. This makes it practical to clean with as you can quickly switch from using the main head to the hose and back again when needed.

Design & Accessories

First impressions when removing the AEG AG71a RapidClean handheld from the box is that it’s a robust machine that’s built to last. It’s larger and heavier than your typical handheld, and comes in a tasteful black and red, with a light grey stretchable hose and clear dirt receptacle. It’s very simple to use with no assembly required. The 6-meter electrical cord wraps around the base when not in use, and it has a power button that can change modes when pushed forward, and release the dirt/filter container when pulled back.

There is also a plastic tab on the side to flip down and click the stubborn rigid brush into position when needed. The motorized brush, by comparison, has softer bristles so it’s less likely to damage the fabric. However, it isn’t designed to be removed which can make cleaning it a challenge when it becomes clogged. It’s fairly easy to access it though so this is not a big let-down.

The stretchable hose that is wrapped around the machine fits into a port and actually provides the main suction to the cleaning head. The hose is easy to pull out from the port and use, and while it isn’t very long, it’s suitable for the tasks it was designed to tackle. The RapidClean also comes with a crevice tool which clicks into place in a compartment under the hoover so you don’t have to worry about it falling out while you’re vacuuming your home or vehicle.

In terms of ergonomics, the handle is comfortable and despite its size (180mm x 200mm x 400mm), it’s not overly cumbersome to use. It also has two wheels towards the front which helps it to move along. The dirt receptacle is easy to remove and empty, but you will need to remove the micro fibre filter from the container before you do so. It’s a good idea to also brush or tap the filter when doing this. When reassembling you have you have to make sure that the filter is seated correctly into the receptacle so the seal is intact and doesn’t negatively affect the suction.

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The AEG AG71a RapidClean is an impressive handheld vacuum cleaner that does exactly what is was designed to do. The size of the cleaning head is almost perfect for stairs and means that furniture can be done quicker than when using a hoover with an upholstery attachment (depending on the size but most attachments are very small). The hose is easy to pull out and use the crevice tool for getting into stair corners or between cushions.

When cleaning your car you may find that you’ll use the hose more often, but it’s well suited and doesn’t have a problem picking up sand, mud, hair and other debris. For more delicate upholstery it’s handy to have the suction only mode in the event you’re worried about the motorized brush damaging fibres. However, as mentioned, the bristles are soft so the likelihood of it causing any wear is slim.

It also works equally well on hard flooring with the stubborn brush flipped into position. It has no qualms picking up various food items though larger particles like oats or the like may require a second passing. One small issue that you will notice is that the air expelled from the exhaust vent can move some dirt around as you vacuum. On this latter note, the hoover is quite noisy which usually isn’t the case with cordless models.

Many people with animals are always concerned about choosing the wrong hoover, but the RapidClean does a good job picking up both short and long fur. The stubborn brush with firm bristles does a good job of picking up the hair on furniture that hair is prone to stick to. You will find though that if it’s moulting season then you’ll need to empty the dirt receptacle more often though this is easy to do.

Lastly, the cord isn’t the most practical (especially since it’s a handheld), but of course, this is the trade-off for not having to worry about the battery dying half way through cleaning, or not having enough power to get the job done.


The AEG AG71a RapidClean is a very affordable handheld hoover at less than £50 and you’ll find it often has more power than other corded and cordless models that are higher priced. It’s also backed by a two-year warranty, though it’s important you register with AEG after purchasing as this usually isn’t available through the retailer.

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Overall, the RapidClean is a dependable, powerful machine that delivers at a price that won’t make your partner gasp. However, it does have its limitations. It won’t do your whole house unless you like to crawl around on your hands and knees, and isn’t the most practical for quick messes due to the fact that it has a cord. However, if you’re looking for a compact but sturdy hoover for your stairs, upholstery or even to just keep in the garage for exclusive car use, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one better.

For more information visit Amazon right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cord retractable?

No. The cord wraps around the bottom part of the hoover.

Can I wash the filter as the manual says it must not get wet?

Yes, the microfibre filter is designed to be washed with running water so you don’t have to replace it often. However, make sure it’s 100% dry before you reassemble.

How long is the power cord?

The power cord is 6 meters long.

Can I use this to vacuum spilt liquids or wet material?

No, only clean up dry dirt and debris with the RapidClean.

What is the power wattage?

The AG71a is 700 watts.

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Morphy Richards 2-in-1 Supervac Review

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8.8Our Score

What Is the Morphy Richards 732005 SuperVac?

As a general rule, the higher priced cordless vacuum cleaners are more likely to offer similar suction and performance to that of their corded counterparts. However, for those who don’t want to pay a hefty price tag, are there cheaper models that can compete?

Morphy Richards have been making various household appliances since the 1930’s and have tried to address this problem by introducing a wide range of SuperVac cordless hoovers. These models are available at all price points. However, their 732005 SuperVac 2-in-1 is one of their entry-level models that costs less than £100, can be used as an upright and handheld, and also comes with various accessories.

We have decided to buy one and test it exhaustively in this 732005 SuperVac review, to see just how well it compares with other cordless vacuums on the market. Find out if it’s nothing more than a gimmick or an appliance that can make your life easier without breaking the bank.


  • 2-in-1 – Can be used as an upright for home cleaning, and as a small handheld for increased. Also includes accessories for cleaning furniture, stairs, edges and other areas.
  • Manoeuvrable – It’s cordless, lightweight and easy to vacuum your home with the swivel head.
  • Floor Friendly – Can be used on both carpeted and hard floors without the need to change heads.
  • Compact – Contains a collapsible handle which makes it easy to store when not in use.


  • Dirt Capacity – Holding just 0.3 litres of dirt and debris means you’ll have to empty it frequently. Though the removable receptacle makes this an easy job.
  • Run Time – Compared to some of the expensive models the runtime isn’t impressive at 35 minutes on the low power setting.

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Morphy Richards SuperVac Key Features

2-in-1 Functionality – The primary selling point of the 732005 SuperVac cordless hoover is that is can be used both as a traditional upright and a handheld. The upright contains the main housing and head with motorized brush bar, while the handheld (the main hoover with dirt receptacle) can be removed with a simple release button for other tasks.

Low and High Power – Unlike some other affordable models, the 722005 has a low and high power setting. Many will find the high power setting especially necessary on carpeted flooring.

Easy Charging and Storage – Contains a collapsible handle to minimise the SuperVac’s footprint when in storage, along with a charging cradle to make sure it’s ready when you need it. The charging cradle can also store the provided accessories.

Battery Life

While Morphy Richards doesn’t provide information on the type of battery used, we suspect it’s lithium-ion as is the case with the majority of rechargeable appliances. However, we know the battery provides 18 volts and can supply continuous power for up to 35 minutes on the lowest power setting. As mentioned, it comes with a charging cradle which should be placed where you plan to store the cordless hoover.

It takes around 5 hours to charge fully, though most people can get away with a 3-hour charge. There is an indicator light that glows red while charging and changes to green once the 732005 SuperVac is fully charged. Unfortunately, there isn’t a battery life indicator to tell you how much juice you have left while it’s in use. While the hoover should hold the charge when unplugged for several days according to the manufacturer, it’s recommended to always leave it on charge so it’s at full capacity when needed.

Design & Accessories

Morphy Richards Supervac Performance

In terms of design, the 732005 SuperVac actually comes across as a sturdy piece of plastic hardware and makes a classic statement with its wine red and black colouring with light grey accents. It won’t win any awards for contemporary styling, but it’s not a bad looking machine either. For those who prefer upright hoovers, it’s ergonomic, light (a little under 4kg), and easy to use – which also means it’s elderly friendly. It has a somewhat unique design in that the heart of the machine is the handheld which can be detached using a simple release located around the handheld handle. This is useful for when you have hard to reach areas or furniture to go over – or simply want to quickly clean crumbs off a tabletop. It’s easy to reassemble my reversing the action and clicking it back into place (suction end in first).

The low capacity dirt receptacle (0.3 litres) means you will need to empty it frequently. To do this remove the handheld and separate the dust canister/receptacle by pressing the release below the power button. Remove the filter housing and empty the dirt into a bin. When doing this you should also brush or tap the filter housing against the bin to remove debris before reassembling.

It’s recommended to wash internal foam filter at least once a month using cold water only. Also included is a pleated HEPA filter which is great for those with allergies. SuperVac comes with a detailed instruction booklet to help you understand how to use and maintain it properly, but it’s rather intuitive and easy to figure out.

The included accessories are designed to be used with the handheld only. These include:

  • Crevice tool for tight spaces and corners.
  • Upholstery nozzle for carpeting, stairs and furniture.
  • Dusting brush which fits over the upholstery nozzle when needed.

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Size & Dimensions

The Morphy Richards Supervac is a lightweight, cordless vacuum that weighs just 2.8kg and is one of our lightest cordless vacuums.

  • Height – 42 inches
  • Width – 10 inches
  • Weight – 2.8kg


While the build quality and ease of use have been testified, the primary area that people are concerned about when purchasing the Morphy Richards 732005 SuperVac is performance. Right off the bat it feels nimble and does a great job on hard flooring, and is decent on most carpeting. It’s worth noting that it’s not ideal for high traffic or very dirty areas, especially on carpeting. However, if you don’t wait too long between vacuums you won’t have too much of an issue. One thing you will notice is that it needs emptying very often, usually at least once or twice in one session depending on how large your home is.

The roller brush does get clogged up with hair and debris easily so it might not be the best option for homes with lots of hair (whether the animal or humankind). You’ll find it necessary to remove the beater brush often to keep the hoover performing as it should. This is easy to do using a screwdriver, knife or coin to turn the locking button on the brush cover (back of the head) from the locked to the unlocked position. You can then clear out the debris and use a pair of scissors for any tangled hair.

The suction isn’t powerful as you would expect with a corded model, but the motorized brush assists with picking up heavy or large debris. On occasion, you will definitely need to use the high setting and go over soiled carpeted areas more than once. One novelty that is handy is the ability to remove the handheld while you’re vacuuming to tackle furniture and dusty areas as you move around. The attachments are also easy to use with the handheld.

If you don’t want to use the motorized brush while it’s in the upright position, turn it on using the power button on the handheld rather than the handle of the main hoover.


The 732005 SuperVac is perfectly priced for those who would like to try out a cordless hoover for the first time without breaking the bank. There are other models on the market that are similar in price, but it performs better than expected. Morphy Richards also offers a two-year guarantee which is fairly standard, though it’s important you register with them after purchasing otherwise you’ll only be entitled to one year.

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Overall this model is light, fun to use and built remarkably well for such an affordable cordless hoover. Having said that, it works well with hard flooring and is better suited for apartments and small houses. If you have a large property, lots of carpeting, and/or pets then you can still use it as a second hoover for quick clean ups. However, it wouldn’t be advised to use this as your main deep clean hoover, and especially if you don’t clean often.

For more information visit Amazon right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this come with a filter, and if so can I purchase spares?

Yes, this comes with both a foam and HEPA pleated filter. Both can be purchased online as spares if you need to change them.

Is the SuperVac noisy? 

No, it’s actually one of the quietest cordless models on the market.

Is this good at cleaning edges?

For the most part yes, though on occasion you may find it necessary to use the handheld (either with or without the crevice tool).

Can I clean the filters?

Yes. can keep using them for a long time but you should clean them once a month with running cold water. Don’t use soap.

Does the SuperVac 732005 hoover come with a warranty?

It comes with a 1-year warranty as standard, though you should register it with Morphy Richards to get an additional year.

Can this pick up pet hair? 

It does pick up hair relatively easy, though you will need to remove the beater brush more often to clean it if you have animals.

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Vax Blade 32V Review

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8.7Our Score

What is the Vax Blade?

There is a myriad of cordless stick hoovers currently available for purchase, and all of them are competing with each other for style, ergonomics, function and a special place in the market. Introducing the Blade 32V cordless vacuum cleaner, an affordable mid-priced offering with a lot of potential from Vax.

The Vax Blade 32V is a slim, versatile bagless hoover that can be used both as an upright and a handheld, with additional attachments available out of the box for reaching tricky areas. It’s one of the company’s leading cordless vacuums that has a respectable run time and powerful suction capabilities usually only present with more expensive models.

Much of this can be deduced by reading the specifications on the supplier’s website, but we’ve purchased one to find out just what this machine can and can’t do. Read on to see what we think in this Vax Blade 32V review.


  • Quality Materials – It’s designed to be durable with a mixture of strong plastic and metal.
  • Battery Life – Runs up to 45 minutes on a single charge on the standard setting, and around 20 minutes using the boost mode and motorized roller brush.
  • Manoeuvrability – Uses a swivel head which makes it easy to use in corners and around furniture.
  • Versatile – Can be used both as a standard ‘stick’ hoover and a handheld. Comes with additional attachments. Optional attachments are available for purchase.
  • Floor Compatible – Can be used on both carpeted and hard flooring.


  • Charging – The supplied wall mount isn’t integrated with a charger and it needs to be plugged in.
  • Heavy as a Handheld – Can be a little bulky and awkward to use as a handheld hoover.
  • Brush Cleaning – Long hairs can get clogged up in the brush and need to be cut with a pair of scissors on occasion.

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Vax Blade 32V Key Features

Vax Smart Control – The Vax Blade Smart Control feature allows you to easily see how much battery life is left, as well as what mode or features you are using – i.e. boost mode and activating the brush bar.

Direct Helix Technology – The Blade 32V uses the company’s trademarked Direct Helix Technology which they say provides “three-dimensional support” inside the dirt receptacle. This keeps the dirt airborne above the cyclone and allows the hoover to be just as effective for both floor and ceiling cleaning.

Brush Bar – This cordless vacuum cleaner uses a powerful motorized brush bar that assists with picking up dirt and debris. It spins at over 4000 rpm, contains nylon bristles and is relatively easy to remove if you need to clean it.

Boost Mode – This function is best used on really dirty or carpeted flooring and is particularly useful for homeowners with pets.

Battery Life

One of the main advantages of the Blade 32V cordless hoover over other models is that it has a significantly longer run time in the normal mode of around 45 minutes. This is made possible by the 32-volt lithium-ion battery that they have developed to produce high power output with low consumption. Of course, this runtime is less than half while using the brush bar and boost mode which people with mostly carpeted flooring or very dirty homes will need to take advantage of. It takes around 4 hours or less to fully charge once depleted.

Design & Accessories

Vax Blade 32V Performance

The Vax Blade 32V won’t be an eyesore thanks to its snazzy styling and subtle contrast of blue, black and grey colouring. It is made of a high-quality plastic and comes with a metal wand which lends credence to the idea that it will last a long time before breaking. Although a little too heavy at around 3kg when used as a simple handheld, it’s quite balanced and easy to use in both configurations. It comes with a wall mount which is small and unobtrusive, though it would have been nice if it was a charging/docking station that also provided storage options for the included attachments.

Unlike many other bagless stick hoovers, the dirt container is part of the main vacuum cleaner and can’t be detached for emptying. This lets it down slightly as it’s more cumbersome and easy to spill dust onto the floor. To empty you have to remove the wand from the handheld and press the release button on the side to open the ‘bin’ door.

The filter is tap-washable and can be accessed by opening the filter door on the opposite side to the dirt container door and removing the filter frame. The foam filter is located within this frame and can easily be washed and replaced once dry (it’s recommended to wait 24 hours).

If you purchase the standard Blade 32V without the additional toolkit, out of the box you’ll receive the main cordless handheld hoover, metallic wand, and head with brush bar, as well as a crevice and dust brush attachment. This is usually adequate for most needs, though the optional extra Blade toolkit includes the following:

  • Mattress Tool (which also works well for sofas)
  • Radiator Tool (best for getting behind radiators)
  • Pet and Stairs Tool (with rubberized teeth to catch embedded hair)
  • Soft Dusting Brush (slightly larger than the included version)
  • Up Top Tool (adaptable to be used on top of cupboards or curtain railings)

Note: Just keep in mind that the standard cleaning kit available on Amazon may not fit this model, though it’s available for purchase from the company’s website.

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Size & Dimensions

The Vax Blade 32v is a lightweight, cordless vacuum that weighs just 3kg, similar to the Bosch Athlet at 3.3kg.

  • Height – 43 inches
  • Width – 9.3 inches
  • Weight – 3kg


Vax Blade 32V Carpet

Most consumers are pleased (and surprised) with the performance of the Vax Blade 32V. You will find that you can get away with using the normal mode on hard flooring but will need the boost and brush bar for carpets. It’s highly manoeuvrable, and thanks to the cordless design you won’t be hampered while working through your home. It sometimes does have trouble picking up granules of sand or other heavy material in deep carpeting, but usually, another pass over does the trick. It also works very well for vehicle cleaning as you don’t need to worry about getting close enough to a power outlet.

One problem you will find with the Blade 32V is that the low capacity dirt container (0.6 litres) will need to be emptied often, and the filter will need to be cleaned once every week or two. It does well to pick up pet hair, but as mentioned, you will need to remove the hair from the brush bar when it gets clogged – either by turning the hoover upside down and accessing the brush bar that way, or removing the three screws on the side of the head and removing it altogether. This can be tiresome if you have one or more long-haired pets that are prone to moulting.


The Vax Blade 32V is a relatively cheap (sub £200) model that offers a lot in the way of performance and practicality. Most other competing cordless stick hoovers are almost double the price, so you should definitely consider it if you’re looking for one. It also comes with a 2-year guarantee, though the battery is only covered for 1 year.

If you are looking for a more robust model that is considered top of the line with more attachments right out of the box, we recommend the Dyson V8 Absolute which you can read more about here. The V8 is also a better option for those with pets.

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Overall the Vax Blade 32V is easy to assemble, works on various flooring types and does what it says on the tin for the majority of consumers. However, it might be best suited for spot cleaning or a second hoover as you almost always need to use the boost and brush modes to get the most out of it – meaning you’ll use the battery up in 20 minutes or so. However, for the price, there aren’t many others that can perform as well and if you really want a cordless hoover without breaking the bank you should consider it.

For more information visit Amazon right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the battery be removed for charging?

The battery is not removable so you need to plug the charger into the hoover itself.

How often do I need to clean the main filter?

Although the manual says you can clean it every 3 months or as needed, most people find they need to do it at least once a week for best results.

Is it easy to buy spare parts?

Yes, there are a number of spare parts and items available online for purchase – whether you need new filters or attachments.

What attachments come with the Vax Blade 32V?

The standard attachments aside from the main head include a crevice and dusting brush tool. However, you also have the option to purchase additional attachments for a variety of uses.

Is this a good product for my grandmother to use?

Yes, it’s lightweight and easy to use. However, you may wish to choose the SlimVac instead of the Blade 32V as it’s a little lighter (though does have less power).

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GTech AirRam MK2 Review

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8.7Our Score

What is the Gtech AirRam Mk2?

For those who are entertaining the thought of buying a cordless hoover, it’s worth noting that there are many price points to look at. As with most products, the higher the price, the better the product and features. The Gtech AirRam MK2 is a mid-priced cordless vacuum cleaner and successor over the original model that was released back in 2012. It’s a simple, lightweight stick design with little to offer in the way of versatility, but it does the job well for what it was designed for – basic cleaning on both carpeted and hard flooring.

Unlike most other models, all the technology is contained in the main cleaning head which makes it relatively inexpensive to replace parts once the standard two-year guarantee runs out. It also works a little differently than other vacuum cleaners because it doesn’t create suction in the traditional way, but rather relies primarily on a motorized rotating brush and fan to sweep up the dirt as you go. For instance, it doesn’t stick to the floor like a normal hoover but brushes the dirt up into its 0.8-litre receptacle (which Gtech expresses can compress up to 2.4 litres of debris). Other reviewers have noted that it almost pulls itself across the floor as a result, making it easier to use.

This an interesting offering which is why we decided to buy one and write this Gtech AirRam Mk2 review to give you the nitty-gritty.


  • Floor Compatible – It works on both hard and carpeted flooring without the need to change settings or heads like some other stick hoovers.
  • Battery Life – It lasts up to 40 minutes which is impressive by most cordless vacuum standards.
  • Headlights – This hoover has lights to help you see any dirt or debris you might otherwise miss.
  • Cleaning – It is easy to empty the dirt receptacle and clean the filter. It’s bagless so this will cut down on costs.


  • Lack of Versatility – It doesn’t contain additional attachments to be used in other areas. It’s only suitable for cleaning the floor which might not make it an ideal ‘only’ vacuum cleaner.
  • Flimsy – The plastic parts feel a little cheap and easy to break.
  • Edges – This isn’t an ideal hoover for tackling edges.

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Gtech AirRam Mk2 Key Features

AirLoc Technology – This model from Gtech uses their patented AirLock system which uses a front flap to help ensure both large and smaller items are picked up. If you have some compressed dirt, by pulling the hoover backwards the flap drops down to create a seal that helps to create more suction.

Dirt Collection System – The AirRam Mk2 contains a new dirt collection system with a slider that allows you to remove it from the head and empty the ‘bales’ of debris into your bin without spilling.

Ultra-Low Profile – Many will enjoy the ultra-low profile of this hoover, which means that it’s possible to better reach under furniture as the handle drops down to make it nearly horizontal while you clean.

Battery Life

The Gtech AirRam Mk2 uses a 22-volt lithium-ion battery that helps it to produce 100 watts. It takes around 4 hours to fully charge the battery (less if the battery isn’t fully depleted), which offers up to 40 minutes of continuous use. The battery has 4 green LED indicators to show how much juice is left and can be removed from the head for practical charging so you can keep the bulk of the hoover stored away while not in use. This also provides the opportunity to purchase a separate battery to ensure you always have a spare charged, but at an additional £69.95 at the time of writing this review, it’s not cheap.

Design & Accessories

GTech Airram Performance

As mentioned, the AirRam Mk2 is a lightweight, plastic vacuum cleaner that is simple in design. It actually resembles an upright hoover more closely than a stick model and comes in a mixture of grey, black and light green. It is easy to use and move around the house (especially with the telescopic handle) and is less taxing than an upright hoover as it’s so light (3.5kg). Consequently, many people who have disabilities or limitations such as a back injury that prevents them using a traditionally corded hoover will be more benefited by it. All the important parts and functions (including the on/off button) are on the head rather than the handle.

The build quality is questionable, especially when compared to the more expensive Dyson models, but most consumers are happy with their purchase and are careful when emptying the dirt or cleaning the brush. Unfortunately, this product does not come with additional accessories which means it’s often regarded as a good ‘second’ hoover rather than a primary option. This does depend on your property, however, and what expectations you have as to the machine’s capabilities.

It will need to be assembled straight out of the box, which contains the following:

  1. Cleaning Head
  2. Upper Handle
  3. Lower Handle
  4. Battery
  5. Charger
  6. Bin/Receptacle
  7. Filter
  8. Brush Bar Hole Plug

For those who do want some extra versatility, it’s possible to purchase the Gtech AirRam Mk2 with a smaller cordless handheld Gtech ‘Multi’ vacuum cleaner at a discounted price. This has more attachments including a standard smaller cleaning head, crevice tool and dusting brush. It also comes with a flexible hose and a 36cm extension tube for floor to ceiling cleaning. For the additional price though, most consumers would be better off considering a do-it-all hoover rather than shelling out for two separate products.

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Size & Dimensions

The GTech Airram is a lightweight, cordless vacuum that weighs just 3.5kg. It has an adjustable handle, which makes it easy for the smallest or tallest of consumers.

  • Height – 35 inches
  • Width – 12 inches
  • Weight – 3.5kg


GTech Airram Carpet

The AirRam Mk2 is powerful enough to pick up most dirt and debris from both carpeted and hard flooring areas, though it’s primary limitation is with long hair (both of the human and animal kind). It will pick it up, but the hair will wrap around the cleaning brush which will need to be removed from the head, and then cut with a pair of scissors before you can continue vacuuming. It’s, therefore, better recommended for those who have no pets, or pets with short hair. Gtech does make a K9 version of this vacuum cleaner that is better suited toward picking up animal hair and withstanding the extra wear and tear on the components.

It is light enough to be used on stairs and does work in corners, though can leave a small trail of dust on the edges which is where a crevice attachment would come in handy. If the brush becomes clogged and jams, this is usually indicated by it stopping and illuminating 4 red LEDs on the battery pack. To clear the blockage is easy enough, though you will need to remove the battery, press the brush bar button on the side and pull out the brush bar from the bottom of the AirRam. You can then clean it before re-installing it as well as the battery. The 4 red LED’s should then turn green so you can continue cleaning.

The 0.8-litre dirt canister or receptacle will likely need to be emptied after every use, but it’s easy to remove and is not messy. Simply pull it off of the AirRam head, release the latch and slide the green lever across to empty all the contents into your rubbish bin. Once a month or so you should remove the lifetime filter for cleaning under running water. This is located in the dirt receptacle and is easy to remove from the filter housing and inner shroud, though you will need to wait several hours for it to dry fully before reassembly. If there is moisture in the dirt canister it will make emptying more difficult.


The Gtech AirRam Mk2 vacuum cleaner costs a little under £200 which puts it in a mid-priced category with some stiff competition. It’s much cheaper than the top models, but there are a number of contenders on the market with other features that threaten the usefulness of this machine. Spare parts (apart from the battery) are relatively cheap to replace though if you fall outside of the 2-year guarantee.

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Overall, the new Gtech AirRam cordless, bagless hoover is ideal for people with large open spaces and have little need to use it to clean their upholstery, vehicles and other tough-to-reach areas. Being cordless and light also offers practicality that can’t be matched with normal corded models. It was designed only for floor cleaning which it does more than adequately, but you will need to decide if you need additional attachments before making a decision.

For more information visit Amazon right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Gtech AirRam Mk2 have more than one power setting?

No, this vacuum cleaner contains one continuous power setting. It provides consistent power in this setting.

Is this a smart option for those with pets?

While many people with pets have had no issues with the Gtech AirRam and some consumers have even left glowing reviews to this testament, those with longer or thicker haired pets that moult a lot may want to consider the K9 option.

Will I need to charge it more than once to clean my house?

Most people can clean their houses in one go. However, this depends just how large and dirty your home is when you hoover. If your home gets dirty often, it may be smart to use this for the high traffic areas throughout the week and the rest of the house when you choose to clean in one setting.

Is this best for carpeted or hard flooring?

The new AirRam is suitable for all types of flooring. You also don’t need to change settings or heads when transitioning from one to the other which is common with other hoovers.

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